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I was wondering if you would be adding "Achievements" similar to the "Factions" link in the MENU bar (or possibly also in the Roster - character section where you can view thier proffesions, etc)

Thank You
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Also, raid achievements should be shown for the guild. Perhaps a new section could be added and linked to from the main menu.

You could display the number of and percentage of members that have completed each raid achievement similar to the way WowJutsu does (left side, under 'Achievement Statistics').

Of course, all of this information can be pulled directly from the Armory.
Our guild has just created an Activities Coordinator position who's resposibilty will be to create and carry out fun activities. With the big push on Acheivments and accomplishnents in WoL, It would be great to have a detail or spread sheet of all guild members and what they have and have not completed. This would give the Activities Coordinator an awsome tool to create fun with.

Stormwind Magic
Achievements definitely need some love.

Achievements is the new deal from Blizz on how to messure a guild and its progress - the "old" progress menu atm only shows if you have killed a boss or not! Would be cool if it could get a rework to also in a nice way list on what lvl the encounter have been beaten ie. Sartharion 3d.

Ulduar will have around 11 bosses (or something like that) which offers hardmode encounters, so it will be what ppl are looking at when judging a guild.
I beleave this information can be pulled from The Armory, I am not sure if GRSS can capture this information as a natter of fact I doubt they can. Even if it was set for them to manually update that info it would be better than nothing but I would think it could be done from The Armory.

Stormwind Magic
Achievements will definitely be getting some love

It's all in the reflexes.

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