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A suggestion box?

A suggestion box?
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ok so since chops totally kicks ass-- (and i didnt want to post in the same thread as a diff topic)

here's another one.

it's been sugested that it would be nice to have a suggestion box on the site. so that members can submit ideas and officers can view it. i cant think of how to get one to work correctly. i don't know if "forums" can do it--even with the lvl of access that you can play with.

i need something so that the description of its use can be seen by any member, but i need something set up almost like applications so that only officers can actually see the suggestions posted.

any ideas? siggestions?
That sounds like something perfectly suited to the forums, except for the "postable by anyone but only viewable by officers". With that qualification, I'm afraid there isn't a mechanism for that currently.

It's all in the reflexes.
ok. had to ask. been thinkin of ways to do it and keep coming up blank. thx.

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