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GRSS can love WWS if we let it :)

GRSS can love WWS if we let it :)
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Imagine this...

A raid guild uses GRSS.

They also use WWS (wow web stats).

Imagine if GRSS was such a nice guy that it recorded your raid start time and end time, based on some factor (raid created, first kill, last kill, raid dibanding, something).

Then Imagine that when you logged out of the game and did your next GRSS upload that it was so nice it quickly grabbed the combatlog entries from your combat log and put them in a little file and labeled it by date and character for you. Such as 20080117_Mageguy.log and maybe even cleared your log file after that.

Then when you went to upload them they were nice and tidy and your log file never grew too big. And since you run GRSS everyday anyway you were never having to seperately manage your log file.

Interesting fantasy...

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