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Roster and Rank Differences

Roster and Rank Differences
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Roster and Rank Differences
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Creator today14u
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So here is my current problem.

With 9 Guilds involved in our Guild Alliance "Guilds United" I am running into a real problem with roster updates and assocosiation of rank. I made created standard ranks on my website as each individual guild has it's own ranking system. Although the armory uses a numbered system it appears. Is it possible to key off this numbered system and make that selectable as to the association with respect to the Website ranking system. Basically after an armory update I am losing my ranking because none of the guilds have the system I have and adding all their ranks is a huge amount of ranks and really takes away from the simplicity of the website.

Right now as it sits many of the officers do not have the access they need nor are the members listed as members but rather are given no rank (left blank (can we at the very least default this to fmember)?

This is appearing to be a challenge as after every update I have to rewaork the ranking of a lot of players. I also noticed that this happens after I upload raid data that includes a guildsnapshot. Perhaps if we had an admin section where all the ranks of the various guilds could be added and an accociation could be made that would link there ingame rank to their website rank (which also means level of access).
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