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Suicide Kings Loot System

Suicide Kings Loot System
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Is there any way to incorporate the Suicide Kings Loot System? Our guild has decided to go with it. Below is the links from the SK web page.

Q: I would like to display the SK lists on my guild web site. Is there an easy way to do that?
A: Yes, if your web server supports PHP. There is an excellent third-party (as in, not written by me) PHP app called SK_List. This guy allows you to upload the raw LUA save file from the SK mod, and will display it in a nice pretty-printed form on the web. Others can also download the LUA file if they want to "sync up" offline. Get it here:
Yes, Suicide Kings is built into dkpsystem. Go to "Create a new DKP System" on the Admin page. On the creation page check off "This is a Suicide Kings System". There is also a Suicide Kings importer for the in-game addon's data.

You may want to look around on this site in the Articles to see if there are more instructions that could help you.


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