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HALP - I prolly just fail but......

HALP - I prolly just fail but......
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With the new grss addon there is a new feature called yes/nosnapshotpopop or something.

We have all the points linked on the website so I don't want this to pop up everytime we kill a boss.

But when I say no to this, it seems to stop taking snapshots fully when bosses go down.

how to set it to "old" style where it just takes a ss when a boss goes down?

Hm.. It's definitely supposed to be just like the old one when you when you have /grss nosnapshotpopup enabled.

I'll do some further testing as I've got a bugfix version coming out later today.

It's all in the reflexes.
It's working properly for me.

MAke sure you type

/grss yesauto
/grss nosnapshotpopup

Perhaps, for some reason "noauto" was enabled.

That should fix that, at least that's what it took to get that working for me.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ahh allright - Thanks a bunch chops!

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