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HTML Entities Incorrect

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HTML Entities Incorrect
Creator Quaiche
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site Forum
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Just noticed another HTML bug in the emitted HTML.

In the threadtags selector at the top of a forum post, when you have sub-tags defined, it emits a greater-than symbol to separate the parent from the child tag.


<option value="9" >Class Discussion > Druid</option>
<option value="10" >Class Discussion > Hunter</option>
<option value="8" >Class Discussion > Mage</option>
<option value="11" >Class Discussion > Paladin</option>
<option value="12" >Class Discussion > Priest</option>
<option value="13" >Class Discussion > Rogue</option>
<option value="14" >Class Discussion > Shaman</option>
<option value="7" >Class Discussion > Warlock</option>
<option value="15" >Class Discussion > Warrior</option>
<option value="31" >Guild Membership > Applications</option>
<option value="32" >Guild Membership > Guild Meeting Hall</option>

The symbol entities arent' defined correctly. They should have a trailing semicolon: >


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6011 days ago
Chops Said:
Dunno how I missed that semicolon, but it's fixed. Thanks.
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