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Guild Bank

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Guild Bank
Creator SCE_FalconAlpha
Public or Private Public
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site Other/Misc
Urgency (1 votes)
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The guild bank does not seem to hold items when i manually put them in. we are playing vanguard and i cant seem to get the feature to work at all. i know there is no importer for vanguard yet... hint hint. but i would like to be able to manually utalize this.
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I'm going to leave this open as a reminder to implement an importer for Vanguard (and EQ1 and 2)

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4506 days ago
Chops Said:
Fixed. My apologies.

I'll look into a vanguard item dump importer for the Guild Bank (eq and eq2 could use those as well).

Do you have a sample file I can look at?
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