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Some People do not recieve the assigned DKP

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Some People do not recieve the assigned DKP
Creator Hugatree
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Status Closed
Type Support
Section of the Site DKP
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Some of the newer people in the guild are not receiving DKP when in a raid.

They are in the snap shot and show up on the upload screen. It does not show them missed but it assigns them 0 DKP.

I want them to receive the point for the kills that they were present for but cant seem to figure out how to make it report correctly.

I checked the raid attendance editor and it shows them hard coded for a 0 I changed it to blank for default and saved it. I went back and it is at 0 again.

Please Help, this is causing me some distress while managing loot during raids.
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4645 days ago
Nitesbane Said:
Go to your admin panel, go to Quick Edit: Destinations and make sure your ratios are set correctly for all ranks.
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4645 days ago
Chops Said:
The solution to this is to head to Admin > DKP > Quick Edit Destinations. Right now, you've got ranks that are most likely getting 0% of the assigned points.
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4645 days ago
Hugatree Said:
Thanks that was it
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