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DKP system log/reports?

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DKP system log/reports?
Creator Nehalem
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Status Development
Type Suggestion
Section of the Site DKP
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Hey everyone,

I can't seem to find something similar to GSDKP.com's "View Reports" or the equivalent of a system log or change log.

Assuming it doesn't exist on DKPSystem.com sites, it would certainly make it considerably easier to track who is making changes and ultimately making sure every member with DKP access can be held accountable for their actions. I feel it would also make reversal of actions of inexperienced users or malicious actions against the system considerably simpler than literally reuploading or viewing and reimporting any (and possibly all) GRSS snapshots, assuming they were accurate initially.

Here's what GSDKP's one looks like, just a simple log of what user performs what actions and when.

I'm more than open to learning if there are ways to determine these from the current DKPSystem.com implementation, or any planned future implementations :)

It just isn't obvious to me from the articles, though I apologise if I am missing this:
Planning your loot system
building your DKP system
or In-Game DKP Mod
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4976 days ago
Chops Said:
This functionality is currently planned
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2098 days ago
Spirell Said:
This seems to be old, but I can't find an admin log to see who did what changes. Does this exist?
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