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DPS Raiding Position

DPS Raiding Position
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To whom it may Concern;
i am a Arcane mage lookin at joining your guild, and am willing to change spec to suit needs. currently my main is in 2nd best horde Guild on the Stormrage server, So i dont Fuck around when it comes to raiding and always come prepared. Currently my mage is at 343 and steadily rising and by the time you look at this i should be nearing 350 ilvl. I always research new fights and get myself familiar with raid positioning. i take directions well and follow them on the Straight and narrow.I pick up fights Very Quickyly and have been raiding since vanilla WoW. I am a Very experienced raider and will not disapoint.

Look forward to hearing back from you,

Staffit, jubeithos server http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/staffit/simple

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