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Ally rank can no longer create event

Ally rank can no longer create event
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Ally rank can no longer create event
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Creator hazhulgen
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We have an ally rank which was always able to schedule events on the calendar, but for some reason they can't anymore, even though feature access has myschedule and schedule set to ally. What changed? :(


Our site: http://thh.dkpsystem.com/forum.php
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Interesting. Nothing has changed with the configuration for these. Are users getting errors, or are links no longer showing up?

Is the "Event Schedule" link in the Admin menu no longer showing for those users? (it should)

It's all in the reflexes.

For the rank ally it seems that the link that should get them to editevent.php is not showing anymore. For any rank above that it gives no problem.

And ally ranked members are not allowed in the admin menu on our forum.
ah HAH!

I see. You have a custom link to event creation.

Head to Admin > Menus > Menu Administration, and click [Edit] next to the "Create Event" option. Currently, that link is configured to show for "Recruit" and above, as opposed to "Ally".

It's all in the reflexes.
Oh dear. I should've known that one. Blegh, sorry for wasting your time on something like this.

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