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Vent status not working

Vent status not working
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I've just about got the website all set up, thanks to looking at a lot of the helpful posts by other site owners showing off their various layout files and my own Photoshopping expertise! But unfortunately, HTML has long since flown over my head since the days when I was writing simple web pages, so some of it is a bit arcane. It's entirely possible I've done something to make the Ventrilo status not show up, but I wouldn't know it if I had. I'm putting the correct server info in the admin page, it just isn't showing up under Ventrilo. I read in another thread that some servers aren't configured to return that information - is that the case with mine, or is it something else?
Looking good man!

On your layout file, you have <!-- System:Menu:Vent -->

But the names of the Menus must match EXACTLY the names of the menus in the "Custom Menus" section for it to show properly.

You'll see you have two menus, both named "Ventrilo Status" in your Custom Menus. Go ahead and rename one of them to just "Vent" and your info should show up almost right away.

Then you can decide whether you want to use the scripting functionality provided, or the vent script you've currently got set up.

It's all in the reflexes.
Out of curiousity what resolution are you running in your dev environemnt? I run 1152x864 (standard 4x3) on my laptop at work and I get a scroll bar in FireFox. I doesn't realy scroll far but it there. I do not get the scroll bar in IE6. Also if ther eis supposed to be a border on the right hand side I don't see one. But as Chops said its looking nice.

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Honestly, I don't know what exactly is causing the scrollbar, but regardless of which resolution I run, I get a scrollbar.

It's all in the reflexes.

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