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Ability to add comments on the account creation screen.

Ability to add comments on the account creation screen.
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Would it be possible to add some comments on each line of the Account creation page. I am getting a lot of Website account creation request where people create email addresses for multiple characters etc. I would like to add comments as follows.

Login: [Please Make You Login ID = to your main character id or lastname first initial(s)]
Characters: [Please do not create multiple website accounts for each of your characters, Envy only allows 2 characters per Member (Main and Alt)]

etc etc.

Also, it seems some people are having problems getting verification emails for hotmail.com Is there a way possibly to add some type of administrative notification section... like if the user logs in and puts in a password, but the account hasn't been verified..... to click a button to send an administrative note to manually verify the account, etc.




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