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Forum suggestion: organization styles

Forum suggestion: organization styles
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If I could have anything on my guild's site, it would be the phpBB-style forums, in terms of how they're organized.

It seems our current forums are basically a big group of posts, all clumped together, that can be filtered. Most people, however, don't use the filter feature and always just post in the 'General forum'. I've set up many sub-forums, including officer and class-only forums, but people never use them.

What I would like is an option to choose between a filtered forum like it is now and a parent-child, forum-subforum style like with phpBB. Our old guild site had the latter forum style, where there were obvious separations of boards, which many of our guildies found more enjoyable.

Basically, when you click on the forums link, you're presented with a list of forums, categorized by groups, then can click on that forum and see only those posts. Basically it will involve taking the current filtering tool and moving it to the middle of the page.

Just a suggestion

Edit: Chops I know you've got a lot on your plate in terms of suggestions, but quite honestly I'm seeing less guildies use our forums (both visiting and posting) than our previous site, and we'll be going through a site redesign that will be based around using the forums as a primary place for information and collaboration. Right now we've got a mess of links on the left side that people don't even know about. The idea is to make it so even our lazy guildies can get the info they need.

I do not approve of this thread

tagging is clearly the way of the people...

RISE Proletariat!!

I do not approve of this thread

LOL, what he said!

While it seems difficult at first. We've found over time that this is really a better mousetrap!! Guildies every where agree... phbb is old tech and this is the wave of the future.

I never lose a post in this type of forum, which if you think about it is much more like the WoW forums!! But, with the added dimension of filters

Our guild had all the same problems you are talking about, and everyone was whining about it. In time however, people have come to like it and use it properly. Might I suggest that if you are having problems with people bothering to ust the forum correctly, scream at them until their eyeballs pop out of their skulls.

We had someone who was kind enough to sort through the forum and clean up the posts, fixing tags, etc. People noticed this and started using the tags properly.

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