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Getting Them to Use your Web Site

Getting Them to Use your Web Site
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I have read through out the forums things on this topic, well this is what i do and find it pretty effective.

Well, i am no where near the end game instances yet, only 2 50's and some 40's in my guild so i am constantly promoting the guild web site, when they join the guild they are in the Rank of Initiate, they have 2 weeks to make the rank of Nu Recruit, how do they do this you ask, well they create an account on the web site, they load the guildbankMod, and upload thier data, if not Booted, cause i figure if they cant handle this simple task then they sureley wont be very cooperative in the end game instances.

Also, i promote the site all the time, we will (the ones with alot of gold) will run a promo of putting something special in the guild bank, it gets them to the site, plus i hate it when i am asked the same questions over and over and over, i do not answer there question, i want them to realize that there are resources available, i want thinkers in the end game instances "not what do i do next" Or "Oh please help me" -- so i direct them to the web site to read the FAQ's, mostly everything on my web site is locked out to initiate with the exception of the Guide <Setting Up Your Character The Easy Way>, once they become a Nu Recruit then they can see most of the stuff, new stuff opens up each rank they get... dont want to overload a n00b with dkp stats and rules, so he just get to view setup, Code of Conduct, FAQ's and a few other things. anyway, got off subject, but that is about it for me... cya


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