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"coming soon" list

"coming soon" list
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Would love to see the next big thing you're working on...and maybe even some details of how it will work (requirements/specs)
Lets see, the newsletter I put out a little over a month ago had some things in it:

-we'll be adding an importer for the Group Calendar Mod for WoW,
-reworking the Forums again to make them more attractive,
-Adding even more features and functions t the GuildRaidSnapShot Mod,
-a Raid Progression stamp for your homepages, showing how far you are in the various end-game raiding zone.
-There is another hardware upgrading coming in the next few weeks

(crossed out stuff is done)

Aside from those, here are a few biggies:

-A DKP Wizard
-A "Universal Log" that shows changes to the major Administrative tasks
-Class Groupings for signups (ie "DPS","Casters","Plate Wearers",etc)
-Customized Formula Fields in the DKP Listings, which act like a spreadsheet.
-Downloadable Templates for the Advanced Layout Options

I've also got a bit of a graphical rework for the DKPSystem.com home page that I'm passivly working on. It's hardly priority between adding new functionality and working on the new hardware, but it's something.

Those are the MAJOR things.

It's all in the reflexes.

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