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New Bidding Type

New Bidding Type
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Long time user of the GRSS Add-on (as some might see from the questions and comments I give).

With how long some of the content in WoW tends to run these days, I find that running bids item by item ends up eating a lot of time between bosses. For the last couple months, I've been posting all items into chat and asking our raiders to whisper me back the item they're interested in, followed by a bid number, to kind of speed things along. The only problem here is that sometimes I'll miss someone's whisper.

Is there any way that the bid window could be modified to include an item link? The idea being that the addon would link all items to chat simultaneously, and the bidding would be syntaxed as:

!bid [Linked Item] ## or !bid ## [Linked Item]

I'm not sure which is easier on the coding end, or if the idea is possible at all, just looking for a way to speed up our loot system.

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