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Roster not showing members

Roster not showing members
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I have been cleaning my roster of people that are no longer in the guild and setting up the armory updater. Now my roster is showing as a blank page, but if i try the uploader from a current snapshot there is no one to update or delete but it lists everyone in my roster as notnot in snapshot. HELP!
Thanks as always for your help.
It seems you tweaked your in-game Ranks. When doing the roster uploader, it created all the new ranks, but below the pre-existing ranks on the website.

Head to Admin > Ranks and get them all straightened out.

Then re-run the Roster Uploader.

Finally, when you are done, head to Admin > Characters and choose the correct rank from the top that is labeled "Minimum Rank to show on the Roster"

It's all in the reflexes.
Well lookie here, I knew it was something that I had done but I could not figure it out.
Thanks for the great help as always!

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