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where do you enter in earned points in EPGP?

where do you enter in earned points in EPGP?
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hiya. a couple questions, i'm completely new to dkp but i read it and read everything on your website dkpsystem.com and on wiki. i'm still confused exactly.

i read over the wiki and i like the EPGP where people can get earned points for farming and for other guild related non raid things. how do i enter that in?

secondly, how do you make it zero sum? i can't seem to figure where the button is for this. thanks.
You enter points into the DKP System the same regardless of whether or not it's EPGP or DKP. The trick is to realize that there's only one REL different between DKP and EPGP: the ways the totals are calculated.

In DKP, you Add the totals together: Total = Earned - Spent

In EPGP, you divide the totals: Total = Earned / Spent

So when you want to enter the values, you simply do it like you'd do any other raid. As for the Zero sum aspect of it, when you're entering the Raid attendance, just click "Redistribute Points" and enter the points into that box.

It's all in the reflexes.

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