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Full Domain Name ... bug?

Full Domain Name ... bug?
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Ok so I own the domain nerfed.us.

The site should sit at wow.nerfed.us (haha, get it?... ok I'll shut up now).

That's not going to stop people from trying www.nerfed.us though.

Right now I have www and wow redirected to dkpsystem.

My problem is this:

If I enter nerfed.us in the Full Domain Name dialog then it only works with www.nerfed.us. If I enter in wow.nerfed.us then it only works with wow.nerfed.us.

I would think that if I do nerfed.us then all child domains should redirect to my dkpsystem site.

Is that a bug?
I'm afraid it's not a bug. It's just how it's designed. It reads one domain and makes a single exception for a www prefix. I suggest setting www to forward to wow, but have wow be the correct setting.

It's all in the reflexes.

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