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[Q] Default DKP percentages by rank?

[Q] Default DKP percentages by rank?
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Does a mechanism exist by which I can set the default allocation percentage by rank for all destinations unless otherwise specified?

For example, suppose I would like to set up the following DKP allocation scheme as the default:

Officer - 1.0
Veteran - 0.90
Member - 0.80
Initiate - 0.70
Inactive - 0.0

As I understand the present system, I have to [re]configure the allocation scheme for each and every destination even if the scheme never varies.

Am I missing something? Can this already be done?


Often wrong, Never in doubt
You do have to do it for every Destination, but notice that at the top of the "Quick Edit Destinations" section, there is a "Set All" link for making this process faster.

It's all in the reflexes.

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