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DKP help needed

DKP help needed
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The officer that really understood and managed the dkp management recently had to take a leave of absence to take care of some real life issues. This has left me with the responsability of figuring out what we want to do as far as a loot distribution system.
So far the two systems that have really appealed to us have been SK and DKP like we had pre xpac. I see a couple of issues with both, but dont know any workarounds.
I was hoping that some of the guilds that are on Gruul's lair or beyond wouldnt mind letting me see how they have things set up and sharing any praises or complaints they might have about their respective system.
We will be starting Gruul's Lair next week, so i need to have a system in place by then :*( Also if someone could link me a page that i could use as reference for item prices i would greatly appreciate it.
Well my guild uses DKP:

2dkp per boss kill in karazhan,
don't know for sure in Gruul's lair
FREE BID (this means any spec any class can bid on anything he wants)
this brings a minus that Tanking warriors intend to bid on DPS warriors Gear for grinding or pvp. therefore we ask our members to think about it and check who is in the raid before bidding

Item costs: start price is 5dkp and u can raise with 1 dkp at a time
if players bid the same amount of dkp they /roll

if noone has dkp yet they roll and 5 dkp will be substracted= player goes minus.

if nobody needs it except 1 player but he doesn't have enough dkp (5dkp) he can get the item but will go minus.

designer of http://aszune.dkpsystem.com

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