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Chops...i need help

Chops...i need help
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this is a convo with one of my officer's, one of the smarter ones. i know you prolly don't want to read this but this is where i'm coming from.

[13:43] Aaron: tell unseen to make an account on the website
[13:43] Justin: k
[13:43] Justin: will
[13:43] Justin: do
[13:43] Aaron: make sure you do, cuz he'll do it if more than just me askes
[13:44] Justin: oh and 5 of us got the mallet for Zf yesterday
[13:44] Aaron: and tell ppl to sign up for raids on the website, you included
[13:44] Justin: i dont know were to go to sign
[13:44] Aaron: omg
[13:44] Justin: havnt been on
[13:44] Aaron: dude you are a god dam officer
[13:45] Justin: i know i suck
[13:45] Aaron: its a giant ass news item on the main page telling you how
[13:45] Aaron: with pictures!
[13:45] Aaron: pictures for god sake
[13:45] Aaron: i monkey could do it
[13:45] Justin: oh for that day
[13:45] Aaron: yeah
[13:45] Justin: i thought we could sighn up like a day or days before
[13:46] Justin: not just today
[13:46] Aaron: you can sign up for anyday that has a raid listed for it
[13:46] Aaron: just look at the dam pictures
[13:46] Justin: llool
[13:46] Justin: damn
[13:47] Aaron: i'm going to make an post about all this shit and have all the officers read it
[13:47] Justin: k
[13:47] Aaron: cuz this is rediculous
[13:47] Justin: rofl
[13:47] Justin: well i sighned up
[13:47] Aaron: good
[13:48] Justin: i figured since i was up there and walia and you know i will do all the instances i can
[13:49] Justin: just me and grommit are sighned up
[13:49] Justin: nobody else
[13:49] Justin: not even walia
[13:49] Aaron: part of being an officer is to A) harp on ppl to make register on the website, B, to harp on ppl to sign up for raids
[13:49] Aaron: yeah thats what i'm talking about
[13:49] Aaron: my dam officers wont' even use the site
[13:49] Justin: i do
[13:50] Aaron: yeah after i told you now
[13:50] Justin: i just dont click on all the things
[13:50] Aaron: or read giant ass news items
[13:50] Aaron: lol
[13:51] Aaron: so yeah i'm gonna talk to all the officers about doing this stuff
[13:51] Aaron: cuz ppl dont do it if its just me asking them
[13:51] Aaron: but if everyone does they will do it
[13:52] Aaron: i asked walia a question in a post 4 days ago and he hasn't been on the dam site to answer it
[13:53] Justin: i didnt even know that there was a post
[13:53] Justin: to walia
[13:54] Aaron: "Nice runs lately"
[13:54] Justin: oh
[13:54] Aaron: bout 4 from the top
[13:54] Aaron: nobody reads anymore
[13:54] Aaron: i asked walia about a lbrs run tonight, i doubt he even knows
[13:55] Justin: is ther a way to keep posts from getting all mixed up
[13:55] Aaron: what?
[13:55] Aaron: no there is absolutely nothing wrong with the forums, threads with new posts in them go to the top along with new threads
[13:56] Aaron: the problem is ppl not reading them
[13:56] Aaron: well at least officers
[13:56] Aaron: that post stayed at the top for over 3 days
[13:56] Aaron: and its not hard to find it 2 or three spots down
[13:57] Aaron: you take your eyes, and you move them down about half a centimeter, and bam there it is
[13:58] Justin: i dont know its just augh we got stuff at the bottom that isnt relative anymore and should be put on a nother page or make a link for like General Pivate and Guild slides like click on the General tab go to the general page um or click on the intsances link go to the instances page on on the page make it more specific for the topics
[13:59] Justin: so far all we have is general and 4 stickies at the top
[14:00] Justin: and 1 off topic thing from solarn from 2-14-06 at 5-57pm
[14:00] Aaron: i just got dumber from reading that

so, i was wondering how hard it would be to have ppls logins keep track of that posts they've read and maybe highlight threads with new posts they haven't read yet? i dont know, it all seems retarded to me but none of my officers never find the stuff ppl post for them.

its the soulman
That's something I'll be adding quite soon, marking threads as "unread" and "read"

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its the soulman

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