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Time Zone / Calendar rant

Time Zone / Calendar rant
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I just had to let off a little steam...

I've told and told and told people about the time zone difference and what to do if they schedule runs based on their own real times vs server times and it just seems like no one listens! I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall. So I advise that they should just set their time zones to server time to stop the confusion about when runs are posted and they either don't understand or think they've got it figured out and are still posting wrong run times.

Someone shoot me...I'm having a frustrating experience with this. I'd love to just do all the run times myself and atleast I'd know they'd be correct instead of "How come Kara starts at 4pm on a Friday?" *ugh* But I'm not the GM and I can't seem to make people understand that a) Members have to set their time zones b) the people scheduling the runs need to pay attn to the fact that they are scheduling based on their RL times and not server times c) peeps need to start putting in the note when the real start time is since no one can really seem to get the time right on the calendar. A simple "this raid starts at 5pm server time" would work wonders in the notes...

Just had to...blow off some steam...

I can understand the feeling.
Hang in there. Hopefully they'll get it one of these days.

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I'm also planning on adding some options that will display times in both "site time" and "local time" to help alleviate these kind of issues.

It's all in the reflexes.
Anything that you can do would be beautiful for lack of people listening to instructions that are plainly laid out.

I'm just reaching here- throwing out an idea because I've nearly exhausted telling these people that they have to pay attention...

A suggestion to your note, Chops-
I don't suppose there is a way to have the DKPsystem make a time stamp notation in the runs that are set up that automatically state the server time within the note for the run based on which server that they've chosen on the site- based on when the run is scheduled- ?

We've got the same issue here, and I think that's a great idea... either that or a "Check" with the player that schedules the run to confirm that the run is happening at xx:xx server time?


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