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GuildBank Profiling Mod exe.. third party software?

GuildBank Profiling Mod exe.. third party software?
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Just wanted to make sure THIS little program is safe with Blizz. A couple of our guildies got banned a couple of weeks ago, and we are not sure why. Now the "third party softwar" scare is upon us. We're safe right?

Thanks man.

Solak 70 Warrior
You are safe. The GuildBank uploader only harvests data in the same way that the Cosmos Uploader, the Allakhazam uploaders, and the UniUploader do. It does not interact at all with the WoW program which is what triggers those things.

That said, the Blizzard footprint program has it's issues (such as all linux users getting banned several months ago).

I run the GuildBank Uploader constantly for my characters (and have since it was developed), and I've never been banned.

It's all in the reflexes.

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