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GroupCalendar Importer

GroupCalendar Importer
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GroupCalendar. The Addon ROCKS.

Any chance you could look into some more import/export options? Right now it's one way and it always overwrites what's on the web with info from the addon rather than merging the web and addon data (as in, user signs up on website to an event that was previously imported from the addon).
I'm afraid not at this point. It's a bit complicated given the fact that a file would have to be downloaded and replaced in your computer while WoW is offline. It's a bit of a pain at the moment, but I've entertained the thought of releasing an official version of the GroupCalendar mod modified specifically for DKPSystem.com.

At the moment, however, it's low priority.

It's all in the reflexes.

How about just a data merge instead of an overwrite when we do the import?
Or... some checkboxes on the records you're importing so I can pick and choose which ones I want?

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