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Next 5 Events = 1 1/2 days

Next 5 Events = 1 1/2 days
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This doesn't nessecarily make much difference to my new layout as I will be removing the next 5 events from being displayed since it is unusable as it currently is. But I though I should put out a suggestion in reguards to it.

Before our guild moved to this system/hosting (whatever its classified as) we had our up comming events listed on the home page right in the main content area. The listing had up to one months worth of upcpomming events listed and we seldom had problems with people signing up.

Now a months worth of events may be a bit much but it would be nice if we could list like all of the upcoming weeks events (for us that is up to 15 events).

My reasoning is this, we have 3 KZ groups running and the 5 events is only showing todays and part of tomorrows events. So with people that only check the site every couple days they don't see whats coming up very easily and hence don't sign up or show up. To make matters worse those five events really don't stand out at all and get easily overlooked. We have had relatively active guildies that when we ask why they weren't signing up they didn't know that those were even there.

So two problems that would be nice to see fixed eventually would be to make it so we can display more or of the upcoming events (a lot more). And make it so we can customize it to be more visible.

PS. From a developers stand point I would like to see the script for the calendar so I can design this for my site.

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