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Confusion about entering (or really.... deleting) dkp.

Confusion about entering (or really.... deleting) dkp.
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I posted a raid last night - items and then attendance (http://www.refugee.dkpsystem.com/dkpraidlist.php?dkpsystemid=4). The event in issues is 8/2/2007. 4 are listed... but I really only want 3 - one for each item drop on HKM.

I forgot to click the 'redistribute' option, so everybody got... oh, 160 points instead of 7. I've tried to redo the raids, but only get the actual event and not the items, and don't seem to be able to delete all those crazy extra points.

To try to fix it, I click (in admin menu) on view previous snapshots. It brings up 3 event options, I click on the one that is an issue. It then brings me to another screen, which has the warning:
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /websites/dkpsystem.com/admindkpupload.php on line 248
After this warning are only 3 events, and not the actual 'raids' with items.

From there, I've tried importing the event (again), I've tried to redistribute points.. I've tried to put in 0 points, not redistribute points and so on. Nothing seems to work for me. I've looked through the help files, searched the forums and not found an answer.

Any help out there? (and please god, don't tell me to do mass adjustments. the raid itself should be fixable... if I have to reset everybody, the numbers will be right, but it will be an ugly mess)

As a recommendation, if it would be possible from the admin menu to simply edit a raid or delete a raid - rather than 'reimport', it would be great. If it is an option, and I'm a fool who has not yet figured it out, can someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction? I'm thinking of how EQDKP works... you can click on an individual raid, it opens up and you can then play with it, or delete it right up.
You should be able to just edit the points in the "Raid Attendance" in admin under DKP.
Go in there, select the event and click "edit".
Delete the point value under the "Straight Point Assignment" that shows up. Click on "Redistribute Points", enter the value you want handed out, then just scroll down and click "Save".

That "should" fix it for you.


Fixed, thank you very much.

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