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DKP Dates are off by 1 day

DKP Dates are off by 1 day
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Myself and my friend are currently working on the DKP part of my guilds dkpsystem site. We just finished entering all the old dkp info from our old eqdkp site. Yesterday we noticed that everything on the site had been set back by 1 day. For example we killed Gruul on 6/29/07 but now it shows 6/28/07. I did a mass adjustment to give all our members 20 dkp and i set the date to 01/01/07 for the adjustment however now its showing everyone was adjusted on 12/31/06.

Something must have happend behind the scenes or the admin of our site must have changed something. I haven't talked to him but he's not really one to change any settings. Is there a setting that we can change to fix this?
It's possible he changed the time zone, which would account for that.

It's all in the reflexes.

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