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What will happen

What will happen
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I am abut to implement a decay in our dkp system.

However if I do that on the curent one we have will it then correct all dkps at once - I think some have very old dkp atm - or will it only start from the day I implement it ?

If it goes back in time then I need to coly all dkp into a new one and start it from there - is there an easy way of doing this ?

Kind regards

Decay works retroactively. So if you enable it, the past raids will get decayed accordingly. Also, it doesn't calculate the decay immediately. Decay is actually calculated at night.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok - erhm so this means that if I implement this in our current dkp system some of us will have a decrease in our current standing - kinda like you had.

Say I don't want us to have this - but want it to start from the day I implement it - Can I then copy the entire dkp list over to a new system as an ajustment ?

I can do this manually, not a problem, but will the adjustments then be calculated like comming raids.


if a member today have 50 dkp - I move it to a new one as an ajustment. Then in the new system it will take 45 days to before it starts to decay? (given I set it to 45 days ofc)

Thank you
Yep, that would work. But remember, all those points will decay quickly when they start to decay, because it's all 50 points decaying at the same time. But it would work.

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops
Yep, that would work. But remember, all those points will decay quickly when they start to decay, because it's all 50 points decaying at the same time. But it would work.

Aha yea didn't think about that one - well that just saved me a lot of work in moving all the dkp - Horders whatch out your dkp will go down

I have another question Chops.

One of the points you use to say decay is a good thing is that it will be easier for new members to catch up the old ones.

We use an open bidding on raids which is kinda like an auction - this allows the new members to bid on items and therefore push the price higher and therefore forcing the old ones to pay a higher price.

So this does in fact help the new ones in getting closer to the older ones with more dkp.

However the open auction system has the down side that sometimes an item can cost 20 points and other times only 5.

Do you have any good advise or input to give on this?

Allready thank you for help

Kind Regards

Since implementing decay, and then later moving to an auction-based setup, I can say that I prefer the auction-based approach to item pricing over all the other mechanism. It allows the "market" to determine the price. However, that does get a little weird with things like 10 man raids because there might not be competition, which defeats the purpose. Variances in the costs of an item, however, is an advantage in an auction-based system. When competition is true, an item will be paid for what the users want to pay for it. Such that the hot new item will be worth WAY more now, than it will be when it's 6 months old...as it should be. People are always willing to spend more to be one of the elite with some particularly rare epics.

I was a much bigger advocate of decay when I implemented it way back in the day, however, I realize that it's just another artificial regulation, which I'm not a huge fan of. But, pragmatically, it is a good way to limit the ability to hoard points.

I have a lot of thoughts on loot systems and fairness, and they range from "Free Market Economy" to "This is a business, and the GM is the leader, so he can put as many restrictions as he feels is necessary to succeed."

The merit system tends to be the most "business-like" of the systems, while pure unregulated zero-sum is the most "free market" I can think of.

Which system is proper for you, and which variations of (like decay and auction versus fixed pricing), are all up to your guild's ideology.

It's all in the reflexes.

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