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Help...Need to correct standings

Help...Need to correct standings
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Help! While trying to learn how to use the site we uploaded some "pretend raids". Now we need to remove that information from our records so we can actually input the correct information.

I deleted the "raids" by going into the raid attendance section and using the delete function. However when I view current standings it still shows the names of players not listed as members in our guild and it still shows the point values and reflects the standing based upon those "pretend raids".

My question is how do I delete what is showing in the current standings so we can start adding members and uploading real raids and items ?
I believe you will need to go delete the characters from the admin panel. When you import DKP results, atleast from eq logs, it will create the characters if they are not currently in your roster so it has a place for the DKP to be stored.

Typically, when you delete a raid, if the points don't get reflected on the current standings page, click the "Innaccurate? Recalculate" link. That would typically fix the problem.

However, as Anthrax says, by importing that eq file you've incidentally created all the characters as well, and you'll want to delete those.

The fastest way to mass delete characters is to head to Admin > Character Merging, and you can merge all the characters into one, then delete that last one by going to Admin > Characters, clicking the "Edit" link, then clicking the "Delete" button.

I hope that makes sense.

It's all in the reflexes.

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