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Clicking Armory Settings link takes me to the news page

Clicking Armory Settings link takes me to the news page
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When I mouse over the link it shows as armory.php but clicking the link takes me to news.php instead. Any thing I can do to fix this?
this is still happening and I don't know what to do.
I just check this on my site and it works fine for me. I notice on your use information here you are not listed as the Guild Operator. Have you taken over a site or been given Full Admin rights? I'm curious as to whether this is a permissions issue that needs to be tweaked by on your site in the Feature Access section.

Ok so I tested this with one of my test accounts on my site and I can duplicate this. If I have my test account set to Officer rank I can see the Armory Settings link in the Admin page but clicking it takes me to the first page of my site. Since I have a splash page that is where I end up. Without a splash your main page is news.php.

If your account is set to Full Admin it will work.
I don't see anything in Feature Access that can be updated to allow access to that feature.

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There's a discrepancy between the security on the menu and security on the page itself. I'll get that discrepancy straightened out.

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