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Auto-Hide & Allow By Rank Community "Can Edit" List

Auto-Hide & Allow By Rank Community "Can Edit" List
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Auto-Hide & Allow By Rank Community "Can Edit" List
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Creator Spasticon
Public or Private Public
Private tickets are only accessible to you and to DKPSystem.com staff
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Status Closed
Type Suggestion
Section of the Site Forum
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Community Edit rules.

Every now and then I forget whey I don't use it more often and then I try and remember...

When you add people a lot of times the "members who can edit" blurb ends up bigger than the community editable content.

Could you make it a dhtml hidable section with a +/-

Also. It'd be nice to set edit access to a rank so that I don't have to make sure the list is up to date.

(Yes, I know this could go into a guide, but sometimes it's just messy content that we want to be able to comment/forum on while working it out.)
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Excellent suggestions. Thank you.

It's all in the reflexes.

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