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Calendar Signup move

Calendar Signup move
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Calendar Signup move
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Creator Mink
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Status Closed
Type Suggestion
Section of the Site Event Schedule/Signups
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Can you add the ability to either move names from one scheduled event to another by officers, or to type in a name of a member by an officer into an event after removing them from the first?

You get people that sign up for events they are not qualified to do, and we would like the ability to move them to the scheduled event they do qualify for vs rejecting them. If we could type in the name to another event and remove them from the first it would be helpful, or to just move them.

It is frazzeling the officers atm, we are going crazy with the problem.
Official DKPSystem.com Comments
As of the June 1st patch, admins can change the signups. It's not as simple as moving a signup from one event to another, but you can deny one signup, and adminsitratively add another signup to another event.
This seems to becoming an ever more popular request. I'll have to see what I can do to tweak this.

It's all in the reflexes.

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