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Site Changes
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Site Changes
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Creator maharet
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My two guild masters have left the game and didn't leave us with how to change a few things on the website.
I need to know how to change server status and ventrilo status. If anyone has any answers!! I would love some feed back.

Please contact me at
Thank you :-)
Official DKPSystem.com Comments
Closed due to non-activity.
What do you need to change in regard to those two items?

You can modify the server that shows up in the server status by going to the admin page: General Settings -> Server/Realm

To modify which vent server is read for the status, you can similarly go to Admin: Menus -> Ventrilo/Teamspeak Server Status

If you're looking to move/remove those items, you can do that in the menu administration. Admin: Menus -> Menu Administration
Do you have an administrative login to your site?

It's all in the reflexes.

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