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Subject Rename Dependency

Subject Rename Dependency
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Subject Rename Dependency
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Creator Quaiche
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Type Bug
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Another design bug discovered while skinning our site...

The forum post rename script runs on the client side. It takes a dependency on there being an element named 'pagetitle' in the DOM for it to use to pre-populate the edit box. But the <!-- System:Title --> only emits the raw text and not an enclosing <span id='pagetitle'> tag.

This means that site skinners need to be aware of this dependency. Since it is undocumented as a required element in the layout.html file, I didn't catch it except by chance testing.

I'm wondering how many other dependencies like this there are that I won't find until after deployment of my layout...
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This is the major one. The other one, is primarily in the fact that the ability to change thread tags relies on the <!--System:PageDesc--> tag, however there is no needed id in the DOM for it to work.

This is something that needs to be fixed, I agree wholeheartedly.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yeah, I discovered the PageDesc issue when I took it out of our current layout and all kinds of stuff disappeared.

Might make more sense to have a family of tags...

<!-- System:PageDesc --> Textual description text ONLY
<!-- System:PageFunc --> Page functions like thread tags, etc.

Just an idea.

BTW, do you want me to find HTML bugs I file like this or as comments in forums?

Quaiche - Addon Author, Druid, and Guild Leader for Benevolent Thuggery on Dragonblight

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