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Decay - Chopps can you review?

Decay - Chopps can you review?
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One of my members -
Are the loot you buy getting decayed too? cause i thought that all gear from raids was a nice number like 4.5, 5 etc, but now all the spent numbers are all over the place

My reply :
I do not believe so, but I will look into it. Remember your numbers will change every single day. The decay recalculates at 5:00am every morning.

All DKP over 30 days old will decay every day at a different rate depending on how many days past 30 it is. Ultimately they all end up at a value of .25 after approximately 130 days of existence.

Chopps - When I upload GRSS Snap Shot and automatically deduct the DKP value for gear: example 4.5 DKP, that value already deducted is not decayed is it? Only the Raid attendance loot distribution(zero-sum) and Hourly we give out right?
Everything decays. This includes adjustments and items as well as raids.

The idea of decay is "Recent events are what matters most" so when a member spends points, that member will slowly be "given" points back from that item purchase.

The decay for negative points (items spent, and adjustments) work in the opposite direction.

So an item purchased for 20 points 6 months ago would now have only cost that member 5 points, just as raids from 6 months ago would be worth 25% of their earning (assuming 25% is your floor).

It's all in the reflexes.

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