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Raids now associated with Calendar Events

Raids now associated with Calendar Events
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I know this has been long waited, but Raids are not FINALLY associated with Calendar Events. While there are still sections of the site that are not completely modified to handle this rather significant change (such as the current standings "raid percentage" fields, and the "Items Received Page" still showing items received based on the day (and not on the event), all those changes and more reporting options are coming quite soon. It's worth mentioning though that all of the data entry pages for raids and loot have been updated properly to work with this change.

For those guilds who have a long history of raiding, I've added a "Smart Raid Associator", found in the DKP section of the Admin page, which will attempt to "guess" which event a raid is associated with. It will also do loot.

I realize that there will be a bit of data entry to attempt to "Fix" this, and those guilds who wish to not utilize this functionality are certainly free to do so: This functionality is 100% optional.

Because of the significance of this change, this is also going out in a newsletter.

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