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WoW Application Feature: Character's Name Link to Armory

WoW Application Feature: Character's Name Link to Armory
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WoW Application Feature: Character's Name Link to Armory
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Creator tayluca
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Quote by tayluca
OMG, don't kill me. I promise I'll take a break tomorrow if you answer all my silly questions today. :P

We don't have the option to change the basic information on the application page such as "main character name", "race", "class", etc. One of the questions I ask new recruits is for them to give us the link to their armory profile. Not because we're super lazy but when you get 15 apps in a week, sometimes it's just nice to be able to run to their app, click the link (b/c if they've done it right, the forums will automatically make it a link) and get a quick shot of their armory.

Would it be possible at all if when someone types their name in the "main character name" block, that when it parses it over to the forums, if it would automatically make a link to their armory profile?

I assume this could happen in one of two ways:

Example Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dentarg&n=Tayluca
(ooh, please don't make fun of my toon, I'm a tender girl and I might cry) :P

[1] Automatically add the "Dentarg" (insert your realm here) to the part of the link (maybe option in administration section) and then the "Tayluca" name be parsed from the application. This would jack up if the recruit was from another realm though obviously.


[2] Include a question in the application that asks for their realm and then take both answers and parse the information that way.

Quote by Saudorun
Nice idea and I have made the a standard request on my applications to have people post the link themselves. You should open this as a ticket for a suggestion that way other users can vote on it and allow Chops to assign a priority.
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