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A few wrath theme layout issues

A few wrath theme layout issues
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Just a couple of things:

1) Can't seem to pull up the color chooser window (only attempted under recruiting link and event categories so far)

2) Is there a way to add the recalculation link for inaccuracies in the dkp standings?
Thanks fo the heads up. Iīll have to look at the color popup in the wrath theme. Itīs possuible some CSS in the wrath theme is conflicting.

As for the Recalc link, thatīs also a worthwhile thing to notice. CFor now, you can modify the URL to include the recalculation trigger:



to the URL and you should be good to recalc it.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops. Any time frame on when you might get a chance to address the color popup? Worse case scenario, I could change templates to alter/add events and change back. However, that will get old fast

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