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Helpful Additions

Helpful Additions
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Hi Chops

Couple of things that would really help me out and i am sure would help other guilds also (if they are already in place can ya point me in the right direction).

Guild Banks

I have a bank that i only want viewable by officers at this time howvever i have others that need to be viewable by the Guild as a whole. So an option to set a security level for each bank would be very cool.


The ability to have a DKP cap, i would like it so that people stop earning DKP once they hit a certain point to encourage them to use it up.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
I've thought about an implementation for a DKP cap, and I find the concept extremely difficult to handle in an automated way, simply because if there are errors in entering (if someone charges too much for an item, or vice versa) or if raids are calculated but the items haven't been entered yet and someone is over the cap, the system has know way of knowing that those items haven't yet been recorded.

The only remotely automated system I can see working is having some kind of notification of "Hey, you have members over the DKP cap" which would then show you who is over, and finally give the option to move all those members down to the Cap via Adjustments.

For now, however, until that functionality is fully worked out, you'll want to manually add adjustments for those over the cap. Hopefully that won't happen too often that it becomes a burden, and if it does, that probably means that you have to raise the cap or take some kinda action within the guild to remedy that.

And for the guild bank thinger....hmmm...I'll have to think about the implementation of that one.

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My guild uses a DKP cap and the process I use to maintain it could be easily automated. After I enter the points earned and the points spent I review the current standings and for each person over the cap, I subtract the points that they are over from an adjustment field called 'overage' bringing their total back to the cap. A button that does this could be added so that when the administrator is ready the dkp can be adjusted back to the cap.

Keeping the overage count has another benefit. Our bidding system has caps on bids that sometimes result in ties. I am allowing members to use their accrued overage as a tie breaker for items that they really want. This encourages active raiders to keep raiding, in the past when their dkp was maxed out they earned nothing for raiding. Now, they can still accrue points, which can potentially get them something that they want badly.

Because the initial bid must be with available dkp, they need to keep their current dkp at the cap or the overage is meaningless. In our guild we have a rank composed of the most active raiders, earning this rank allows you to win tie bids with any other rank, but also costs dkp each week. So, raiders can't reach the max and sit there confident that they will win. If they are not active they lose dkp.

Chops, while I have your attention. We also give dkp to the people who attend an entire raid, start to finish. Calculating this now is cumbersome. Did I miss a feature that can do this? A helpful addition would be to create an additional check box list at the end of the upload grss snapshot process. If you could compare the first shapshot with the last shapshot and add those people as the last selection list this would save me time.

Be excellent to each other.

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