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Event Signups

Event Signups
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Event Signups
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Creator Telivaran
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Section of the Site Event Schedule/Signups
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When setting up events we like to stop signups 24 hours before the run begins.
We also would like to allow raiders to drop their signup anytime, sometimes all the way up to raid time.
We would also like for our raid leaders to be able to add\remove signups up to raid time.

While the first item is possible, are there plans to accomodate the others? The last should be easy to manage with either a rank or moderator type permission. The combination of the first and second would be a matter of a switch that stops signups, but removals are not affected.

For example:

We have an event tonight (13 Jun 2008). Signups are ended. However, one of the raiders will now not be able to attend and would like to remove himself from the roster. Currently he is unable to do so. He is also not able to modify ANYONE's signups.

Under Feature Access "myschedule" is set to officer. Person mentioned above is of officer rank (Hilbrau) and had created the event.
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This is something that was considered for the "Big Update" but due to time constraints was not implemented. It is still something that is planned for implementation.

As for the "myschedule" feature access option, that doesn't actually change this functionality at all. That is designed for normal users (non-admins) to create a very limited kind of event.

It's all in the reflexes.
Bumping as it's still open.

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