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Weird behavior on signups/account editing.

Weird behavior on signups/account editing.
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Weird behavior on signups/account editing.
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Creator emoisha
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Hi Chops,

I am having a very weird error with both event signups and account editing. When I try to edit someone's signup, it ends up editing mine even though it claims to be editing theirs. Also, when I go in to edit an account, it has my name (emoisha) under 'Phone number' and when I try to change the rank and submit I get the error "Passwords must match".

Our website is http://doaguild.dkpsystem.com Thanks in advance!

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I'm getting the exact same behavior from my account. taintedblood.dkpsystem.com
Thanks for the notification. I'm looking into these issues.

It's all in the reflexes.
Any news on this, sir? Quite the pain in the butt
The Signup problem should be fixed. Are you still experiencing this? I didn't post about it, but I did find and upload a fix for it.

The issue with the "Passwords not matching" has to do with the "auto-password" fillout thing in the browser. If you click "Change User's Password" you'll see that it has the password in there, even though it shouldn't. The browser is actually putting it in there.

It's all in the reflexes.
I am also having a problem with signups. When trying to create a template for the world of warcraft game so I can do a quick add, it will not save the game and subsequently the Raid Roll Information.

My website www.undyingflame.dkpsystem.com

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Thank you, sir. Your suggestion worked for me. Now I just have to get Mozilla to stop auto-insterting passwords.
I seem to be having some significant corruption in my guild database. We're seeing a lot of weird guild names show up. For example, one character in our guild can be seen here:


(Hopefully you have edit access)

I am seeing him as a 70 Nelf Rogue on Aegwynn, in the guild Loyalists of Aegwynn. However, we're a Horde guild on Proudmoore.

Peoples' signups are starting to show up in the wrong place, I would really like to get this fixed ASAP.
If that character was created by the user, then he likely chose the server "Aegwynn" (or rather didn't change the server, considering it's the first option in the list). There is no functionality in the system that automatically changes characters' servers for them, but the autoprofiling from Armory script will indeed bring in information about the characters and use that server information to create it (which is what would have happened here). There must be a character named "Renegade" on Aegwynn that's a nightelf rogue.

As for signups going into the wrong place, what do you mean by that? The wrong event? The wrong category? Could I get an example.

It's all in the reflexes.
Sorry - what I meant by that is that he's showing up under 'Rogue' when he signs up, but if it autofills from the Armory that would completely explain it.

I'm still having the initial problem with account editing, but I can edit the character and change the account rank that way, so it's not crippling. Thanks for helping!

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