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Choose dkp rules/system?

Choose dkp rules/system?
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Im a new user and having some issues with edit our system so that we can use an hourly multiplier and attendance bonuses in our raids. We intend to use i.e 2 dkp for attendance, 2 dkp/hour and 3 dkp/boss. I can edit the boss values in destinations and all that..but where on earth can i set values per hour/attendance bonus etc without doing that manually each raid?

that I can not get sorted through your faq/tutorials neither by searching this forum. Probably I have missed some obvious stuff in the admin section.

Many thanks in advance.


There is no auto add dkp per hour available.

There is however a timer you can start which will take a snapshot at any given setting you give.

just type: /grss starttimer -> this will make a little popup window appear where you put in the number of minutes you want.

I suggest you then create a destination called timebonus or something like that, so you can easily link the auto snapshots to the value you set.

I hope this helps - if it was what you were looking for anyway

Misen is correct. Typing /grss starttimer will begin the process of periodic snapshots. Then every hour (or however many minutes you choose), the mod will take a snapshot.

It's all in the reflexes.

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