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Intro Page of some sort

Intro Page of some sort
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Recently, through doing a lot of recruiting, we have been thinking it would be great if there was an into-page setup on the website somewhere. Obviously, I could just go make a menu page, but ...

So what I am thinking is, if there is a way that we can setup what the home page is for people based on a cookie or based on the auto-sign ins, so that if you are not signed in, or if it is your first visit to the site, it brings you to an "intro" page .. whereas if you are signed in or you are a member .. or something like that, you goto the news page.

Really other than that, creating a page as just another menu page is fine. The only problem with that is linking that page into the game. It's much more realistic to just like www.horizon.dkpsystem.com .. than some longer url with dynpage=321? or whatever the code actually is.


Interesting thoughts. The News page is getting a rework very soon, perhaps the coming changes will accommodate this request sufficiently for you.

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