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Spammed with account creations

Spammed with account creations
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Spammed with account creations
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Creator pizn
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It appears as though our site has been hit with a massive amount of spam sign-ups for accounts. Luckily, permission are set so that these accounts cannot post in the site forums, but I do not know if there could be other side effects of all these accounts.

I certainly am having a much harder time managing the accounts portion of the website with so many entries.

Is there a way to delete these accounts in a more rapid way? Like delete all accounts that have no IP address associated with them? Or delete accounts that have never logged on?

Is there a way to prevent these sign-ups altogether? Like a CAPTCHA or method other than email validation?
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I wanted to have to avoid this for as long as possible, as it is an inconvenience to signups, but it looks as though I'll have to add a CAPTCHA to event signups as well.

It's all in the reflexes.
So far I haven't had a problem with event sign-ups, just account creations.

On my site, no one can sign-up for events or post anything unless they've been moved up a rank for just this reason.

I was just having a hard time managing the accounts with all the spam ones in there cluttering it up. And trying to delete like 1000 accounts one at a time is ridiculous, so there should be an option or something to do mass-deletes.

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So far I haven't had a problem with event sign-ups, just account creations.

I'm sorry, when I said "signups" I meant "account creations" (as in someone signing up for your site). My mistake for the miscommunication.

As for mass deletes and spam account prevention, both are slated.

It's all in the reflexes.

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