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my old CSS file

my old CSS file
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sometime in the last few days after that long system maintenance i believe. my CSS file was destroyed and made into the standard one.

All the previous copies are gone from the revert back list.

can i have my CSS file back ? is it in a backup somewhere you have access to?

Yeah. Progress or Perish (pop.dkpsystem.com) lost its CSS file and all of the pictures that were in the Gallery. I worked last night and restored the css file. Our members are going to re-submit the gallery photos.
I'm afraid your recent CSS file is lost, gaal. I looked around and found SOME stuff, but it wasn't terribly recent. I was able to recover some of your gallery pics, though. But the CSS file is nowhere to be found, currently.


I'm sorry

It's all in the reflexes.
i am making changes to the CSS file using CSS editor and they are not reflecting after save, and refresh and clear cache etc.

if i go to our site style.php it shows the old CSS file previous to my changes.

Am i forgetting a step here?
Ah yes. The style.php is no longer the standard stylesheet, but is instead the default one from which the others are generated.

You'll want to change it in the layout.html file to point to http://dkpfiles.com/duskraiders/style.css

It's all in the reflexes.

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