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Account, character, and DKP maintainence

Account, character, and DKP maintainence
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A good solution is needed here.

I wrote a guide for our officers today for doing this in there I made this statement

The maintainence covers three main areas. Accounts, Roster(characters), and DKP. To do this you have to have 6 windows open to cross refence data; Character maintaince, Account maintainece, Current DKP, Personel forums, Full DKP transfer and the WoW game (2 PC's recommended).

I do tons of coding every week and I know it is posible to simplify this. I was just wondering if any one has thought to do anything about making a guilds leaderships lives a bit less of a hassle.

All those DKPsystem windows could be condensed into one and it would be handy if when you select to sort your view one way if it would stay that way after you submit a change so you don't loose your spot.
I was just wondering if any one has thought to do anything about making a guilds leaderships lives a bit less of a hassle.

Of course. That's the whole point of this system.

All those DKPsystem windows could be condensed into one

Keep in mind that each of those pages you mentioned have separate functions associated with them. Some of them could indeed be merged (such as Characters and Accounts being the same thing, but that, then, eliminates flexibility).

My big question for you, is "What do you have in mind?" Simply saying "make it easier" isn't exactly obvious.

Cross referencing the data in what way? Are you auditing DKP or something? Each of those sections do lots of separate things, so which parts you wish to combine into a single page I'm curious about.

It's all in the reflexes.
I guess I know how I'd make it work but that may be because of how we handle some various things.

Most of the matainence is for non-guild members. Wether a person ran with us a few times and then moved on or was an applicant that we we were evaluating or they were in the guild but are now gone

To delete an account I need all charaters deleted first so we don't have straglers. But to delete a character it's dkp has to have deprecdiated to 0 (its just a curtousy we extend for those that leave under good terms) and they have to not be using the website (some move on but do keep in touch).

As you can see I do not just delete an account the day they take off. So there is also stages along the may were we evaluate and make changes to those same accounts. Day 1 they are gone they get hidden and retired and demoted to "Not in Guild". If they raid with us after that I will unretire the account (some do). If they do not raid with us in 3 months we maintainence the account and check to see if they are using the website if so (or if they raided with us) they get a rank of "Guild Friend". And even with that rank if they do not raid with us eventually there DKP does hit 0 and I like to unretire the character at that time.

So first I check the characters DKP which usually means I have to unretire the character first and then open the current DKP standings. Then if it is depeciated to 0 I check the last login on the site and if it has been over 6 months I then have to delete the charater and then the account. Of course all this is done after I have made sure they are no longer in the guild.

So in order

1)check the in game roster
2)check the character maintanence screen
3)hunt through 100's of charcaters to find the one I need
4)unretire and submit
5)go to Curent DKP Standing to check DKP for date of last raid and DKP amount
6)research through 100's of character again (found the back button at this piont saves the hassle)
7)either reretire them and/or change rank or delete them
8)go to account and delete if characters are all deleted

It just a lot of back forth for check change check rechange delete.

Basically it would be nice to open the account maitainence screen and if I see an account that hasn't been accessed recently I can click that account and see all the character and DKP that may be associated with the characters for that account and if they aren't in the guild and haven't raided with us in 6 months and have not used the website in my described time and the DKP is at 0 I can hit one delete button and its all gone (characters and account).

Of cource other nice functions like promotions and demotions are nice to handle there. As well as removing alts they delete or take out of guild. And hiding and retireing from there would be easy as well.

Of course those that raid with us but never create an account may be a bit diferent but for them I still would like to click the character and see any DKP they have and when they last raided with us, even if I retired the character.

The personel forums window I am sure is much more difficult as that contains new apps, denied apps, active guild member apps, and apps of guildies that have quit. So while you can't realy incorporate that. The closest you could get is having the date that the account was created to save alot of searching as I do not delete even a denied applicant account till 2 months after the denial comes down (some work hard and reapply).

Also for the DKP transfer link it would be handy to have it there as most people transer to an alt that is already listed so instead of hunting through that list of hundreds of characters and hoping its airies and not arries is the one that gets the DPK, you can see it right there in front of your face. Plus I use that function in a way that wasn't intended. For those that leave but stay in contact I transer off there DKP to a non-existant, hidden and retired character. This is done solely because some may return and if they see the amount adjusted they may try to get us to reinstate it. Verse transfering it off no body knows what they had once it's transfer so we really can't reinstate it.
Thanks for the detailed description of how you use the system. That helps to define the problem. That gives me some ideas on how to improve this.

It's all in the reflexes.

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