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I have a questio for you about changing domains on site

I have a questio for you about changing domains on site
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Hey I want to change my site from a guild alliance site to our guild site.

We like this site better for our needs then the one that is being used and the guild alliance is going to shut down for a few months.

I wanted to change the domain and zero out the roster but did not want to lost the dkp or the forums

is this possible?

Thanks would like to get this done ASAP
Changing domains is simple enough:

Admin > General Settings > Change Subdomain to change the address.

Changing the address will not affect the forums at all.

Deleting the roster will also not affect the forums at all, but it WOULD delete the DKP (the DKP is tied to the characters).

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok I made the change to the domain and now it is not loading and I pointed the DNS to this one
I was trying to change the sites domain and point to a different domain I own and I think it inadvertantly (or it being me lol) have lost access to the site due to trying to implement this change
Ok I got it all figured out and you got to join me in my mindless journey lol

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